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Our People

MCG Partners leadership and team members are driven by a passion and commitment to people and their performance. We deliver innovative thinking and organizational excellence.


Our core values:

  • Passion – We want our people to love what they do, collaborate, be proactive, provide ideas, and challenge the status-quo. We want what is best for our team, our partners, and our customers. We believe in giving back to our community.
  • Performance – We are driven by an urgency to exceed expectations and understand our customers’ needs without compromising quality. We take ownership of our actions and responsibilities. We honor our commitments.
  • Purpose – We want to change peoples’ lives. We represent our services ethically, honestly and with integrity, always delivering our best recommendation. We respect one another, our contributions, our clients. We will have courageous conversation, feedback and input.
  • Progress – As champions of continuous learning and improvement, we will scour the land for best practices to improve our solutions, research the latest trends, and have our people invest in their capabilities. We will learn from our mistakes as that is how we grow.
Chuck Mollor Executive Coach & Managing Partner MCG Partners

Chuck Mollor
Managing Partner and Executive Coach

Adrienne Kravitz Mollor - MCG Partners

Adrienne Mollor

Cheryl Jacobs Senior Vice President MCG Partners

Cheryl Jacobs
Senior Vice President, Executive Coach, Leadership Developer & Facilitator

Michèle Barnett Berg- Executive Coach & Leadership Developer and Facilitator of MCG Partners

Michèle Barnett Berg
Senior Vice President and Executive Coach & Leadership Developer and Facilitator

Matt Paknis

Matt Paknis
VP, Leadership Developer and Facilitator

Heather Wood Vice President and Faculty Member of the MCG Partners Leadership Institute© Boston MA

Heather Wood
Heather is Vice President, Leadership Developer & Facilitator, and Executive Coach

Kevin Mulcahy Leadership Facilitator and Developer for MCG Partners Boxton, MA

Kevin Mulcahy
Leadership Facilitator and Developer

Steve Stulck, Ed.D. Executive Coach MCG Partners

Steve Stulck
Executive Coach

Erinne Tripp MCG Partners

Erinne Tripp
Director of Client Services

Carol Malysz Executive Coach MCG Partners

Carol Malysz
Executive Coach

Ryen McGinn Client Project Manager for MCG Partners

Ryen McGinn
Client Project Manager

Bill House Senior Vice President with MCG Partners

Bill House
Senior Consultant

Ron Cort, Senior Vice President, MCG Partners

Ron Cort
Senior Consultant


ARE YOU INTERESTED IN JOINING OUR TEAM AND ARE LOOKING FOR A TREMENDOUS CAREER OPPORTUNITY? We are a looking for highly motivated and learning-oriented people to add to our fantastic team. What makes us unique? We are a fast growing, world-class and entrepreneurial leadership, sales and organizational effectiveness consulting firm that believes in a culture of valuing contributions and team-work, high achievement, and fulfilling our client’s needs…and having some fun doing it! Our clients stay with us for the long term, they are our primary source of leads, and are happy to refer us to their colleagues.



What we need: Associates who are self-motivated, goal-oriented and can train, facilitate and advise; the ability to connect, interact and educate leaders of all levels in a wide range of industries is the key to success. If you are interested and what we are describing, including our website’s description of our firm, our people and services, please send me your resume and tell me why you think you are right for us. I can be reached at 508-279-0400 or Submit your resume here I look forward to hearing from you.

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