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Coaching case study 1

Client: Fortune 500 global high technology firm.

The Need: President/C-Level Executive of largest business unit accounting for over half of firm’s sales and profit. Incredible external presence in market and with clients; track-record of substantial results, execution and growth; great subject-matter expertise. A very intimidating, assertive, demanding, competitive and hands-on style that impacted the ability to attract and retain current and future leaders, including the need to add talent to assist in the innovation of new products, technologies and solutions.

Result: MCG Partners focus was to increase awareness and utilization of emotional intelligence, and to increase consistency with all stakeholder interactions; to find balance between execution, and motivating and developing talent; to evolve willingness to bring in external talent to address skill/talent shortages and to increase capacity for innovation. To let go of day-to-day operational management. Result is business is performing at all time high and 18 months later, key stakeholders assessed incredibly significant improvement in President’s key leadership competencies.

Coaching case study 2

Client: Global operating companies (consumer products, medical services, technology) Fortune 500 company.

The Need: Chief Marketing Officer (CMO), the global subject matter expert of marketing for the firm, with excellent presence, relationship and presentation skills. The opportunity was to better engage direct reports and their respective teams, and how to move away from too many day-to-day details so as to operate at a more strategic level.

Result: MCG Partners helped the CMO begin a significant shift in re-routing how internal and external people would approach them with communications and needs, and deciding what to get involved in vs. using requests & needs as an opportunity to develop, coach and empower their own people. MCG Partners shifted the focus from management to a more balanced approach of management and leadership. Increased time spent with direct reports, high potentials and overall team on holding them accountable, and with the vision and objectives of the business and function. Changed weekly routine to incorporate self-development, building a strong number two, and to increase the bench-strength of their organization.

Coaching case study 3

Client: Fortune 50 global conglomerate.

The Need: CFO of one of the largest companies was on the fast track to be CFO of entire enterprise. Unknown at the time to others, they were keenly interested in moving to a General Management/President career track, which meant an initial step back in their career. They are a natural relationship builder, risk taker, motivator and talent developer, with good business instincts. The challenge was to demonstrate a broader business and strategic acumen, along with being more concise, making tough decisions, and not taking feedback so personally and intensely.

Result: MCG Partners assisted in the development of an action plan that significantly increased the client’s business exposure and involvement, put them on a path of proactively influencing key stakeholders for consideration of GM/President career track, and addressed need to improve noted behaviors. 14 months later client was selected for GM/President opening and is currently on-boarding into new role with our assistance.

Coaching case study 4

Client: A major financial services company.

The Need: The eight-member executive team added several new members to the C-Team and had decision making, alignment and trust challenges. Additionally, the CEO was interested in: developing a leadership culture that reflected the company’s strong culture, values and brand; improving leadership team alignment, effectiveness, and accountability; positioning the firm to grow and expand; and integrating future acquisitions.

Result: MCG Partners developed leadership competencies reflecting the firm’s brand and values, which are now used to select, assess and develop leaders; Executive coaching was provided individually; Executive team facilitations spearheaded spirited debate and openness; and engagement surveys and assessments were used to provide more specific feedback and metrics. The bank was one of the few financial firms that maintained stockholder value and performance during an extremely challenging and volatile economic climate, and is now well positioned for organic and acquisition growth. Additionally, Board Chair Larry Bossidy, the retired Chairman & CEO of Honeywell and Allied Signal, former Vice Chair of GE for Jack Welch, and co-author of the NY Times best-selling book on Execution, The Discipline of Getting Things Done, states, “we are very pleased with the progress made to date and look forward to a continued strong partnership with Chuck & MCG Partners .”

Coaching case study 5

Client: A private equity funded healthcare research provider.

The Need: The company abruptly changed its CEO and named an outside Director to be the new Board Chair, during a time where the firm was preparing to position itself for acquisition. Additionally, two members of executive team (COO and CFO) believed they should have been named CEO. The objective was to coach the new CEO on being a CEO; how to effectively manage former peers; to address the issue of two executives who wanted to be CEO; and to work with the new Board Chair on the strategic direction and objective of the firm – to increase financial performance, retain talent and to be acquired.

Result: MCG Partners’ impact: The firm was acquired 120% above valuation, all key talent were retained, and the now former CEO is being groomed for a new CEO opportunity.

Coaching case study 6

Client: A Fortune 500 global, technology/hardware/engineering/manufacturing company.

The Need: Company was reorganizing its global sales force and product development, and needed the executive leading this initiative to influence across multiple functions, product lines and geographies without direct authority. The executive was a command and control leader and was concerned about the success of this critical initiative and the role.

Result: MCG Partners helped the executive make a significant shift in management approach and focused on needs of various stakeholders in aligning multiple agenda’s, differences and styles. The organization was able to meet its sales objectives and successfully implement the reorganization of its sales force and product development. The executive spearheading the initiative received advanced responsibilities and visibility.

Coaching case study 7

Client: A Fortune 500 Global, bioscience company.

The Need: A senior member of the global finance team, a high potential, needed to improve executive presence, communication skills, and how to better motivate their team. This was the executive’s first executive coaching experience and voiced strong skepticism on the value of coaching and the program. Key stakeholders were identified and a plan was developed on how to increase presence, visibility, demonstrate initiative, increase participation, and on how to empower the team.

Result: MCG Partners’ impact: Significant improvement was observed by key stakeholders, and the coachee embraced new skills and techniques, while increasing self-awareness to demonstrate sustainable and consistent change. Finance executive is now being considered for expanded role.

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